What is Potions and how are you different from other node projects?
Potion is an Enchanted DaaS platform on AVAX. On our platform, users will be able to create magic potions (NODES) using lp tokens or single sided tokens or a combination of tokens(using a balancer pool). These can be magically combined to create multiple yield bearing cauldrons. All potions will be transferrable nfts Different types of cauldrons, with varying rewards, can be produced with different combinations of potions. Unlike other platforms, we'll also have flexible micro-potions that can be made with any amount of tokens.
Are you audited or KYCD?
Yes, we're KYCD with Assuredefi and are conducting an audit with coinscope.
Where is the team located and what's their background?
The team is made up of,one front end dev, and two solidity devs. We're all based in the US. Both myself and the front end dev are from Houston, one of the solidity devs is from New Jersey and the other one is from Miami.
How can I get whitelisted?
Whitelist is currently closed. However, there are several upcoming contests and giveaways planned. So as long as you're active in the server and stay up to date with announcements , you may still benefit.
What do whitelisted members get?
Access to the presale, where you'll be able to purchase nfts that give you a guaranteed allocation of Spell tokens and Potions at a fixed price. Buying an nft will give you access to the presale where you'll be able to purchase up to 5 caldrons ( each cauldron is made up of 10 potions minimum and each potion is made up of 10 SPELL).
When is the presale?
April 7 - April 14
How will the presale work? The presale will be similiar to Valifis. Members will be able to purchase nfts that give you a guaranteed allocation of Potions at a fixed price. NFTs will be $250 each. Buying an nft will allow you to purchase up to 5 caldrons or the equivalant in potions directly on our dapp. When is public launch? April 14 - April 14
Do you guys have any plans for treasury investments?
The beauty of our model is that as assets are bonded into potions, they are immediately put to use in yield vaults that use different strategies depending on the assets supplied. These vault serve a a dual role as platform treasury investments.
Will liquidity be locked? Liquidity will be locked. If for whatever reason we need access to it, a 3 way multisig will be used, with two signers chosen by the public.