Sale Details

Supply: 300,000 pSPELL
Price: $5/pSPELL
Limits: 500 pSPELL Per Whitelisted Address
Date: April 7 - April 14, or until sold out. Whatever doesn't sell after 48 hours will be opened up for the public to buy. In the presale, for those whitelisted, users will be able to purchase up to 500 pSPELL. This pSPELL can be used to create potions or redeemed for spell. However, participants in the presale must use at least half of their presale tokens to create nodes. On our dapp, users who max out their allocation will be able to use this pSPELL purchase up to 50 spell-only potions. For those who decide to only convert half of their presale tokens to nodes, the remaining pSPELL will be redeemable for SPELL at a rate of 1 SPELL/ 2 pSPELL. This is meant to encourage noding up.

Follow the Money

35% of the proceeds from the presale will be used to create the SPELL/USDC liquidity pool. 60% will be used to kickstart our mixed potion yield vaults. 2% will be used for marketing. The remaining 3% will be used to cover all immediate development costs.