Weekly Lottery

Playing the Potion lottery gives you a chance to win large amounts of Spell from a pool, nodes from partner projects, and many irl prizes. Participants may enter as often as they like as long as they have enough spell for a ticket.
Our lottery will be conducted once per week. The prize will consist of 80% of the funds pooled from the cost of tickets sold. The remaining 20% will be sent to the reward pool and treasury.
The ticket cost for entry into the lottery is 0.3 spell per ticket, with no limit on the amount of tickets that can be purchased.
Purchasing one ticket will give users a random 4-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9. Match numbers from the left side of the ticket to the right to win prizes—the more numbers that match, the greater the prize pool.
  • Matches first 1 number: 4%
  • Matches first 2 numbers: 6%
  • Matches first 3 numbers: 15%
  • Matches first 4 numbers: 45%