Q1 2022

  • Create Twitter
  • Create Discord
  • Open up whitelist with on Discord and work on community building.
  • Release first medium article
  • Release landing page at
  • Release Whitepaper
  • KYC with Assuredefi

Q2 2022

  • Audit with Coinscope
  • Verify NFT collection on Kalao
  • NFT Presale
  • Create the first mixed vaults using 55% of the capital raised from presale
  • Release dapp with single, lp, and mixed potion functionality. Release the first three cauldron types — spell only, lp, and the first mixed type.
  • Antibot measures, whale taxes, transaction taxes, and initial buying limits put in place.
  • Public Launch. Allow whitelisted users to buy a guaranteed allocation at the fixed presale rate. Add initial liquidity and open up buying to the public.

Q3 2022

  • "Liquid" potions become available
  • Potions Alchemy Game
  • Release of the potions NFT marketplace for users to sell potions.
  • Potions Dex using assets supplied from pools with boosted incentives for liquidity providers.
  • Offer liquidity pools as a service to partner projects to help build deep liquidity, in exchange for a percentage or fee.
  • Transition to rewards in stables and the underlying tokens that make up the yield vaults. The plan is to initially reward in spell but as we build up the treasury and our yield vaults we'll transition to a mixed reward distribution model.
  • Continue to expand the protocol and its features.
  • Focus on marketing and outreach efforts and growing all social channels.