Model Verification To ensure our model is robust, sound, and sustainable, we'll be consulting with a mathematician who will be forecasting & simulating the effects of some of the more complex aspects of the protocol, including mixed potions and cauldron creations. If any changes need to be made to the protocol ensure greater sustainability, this will be communicated to the community. NFT Restrictions. As for transferability, we may do something unique if potions are to be tradable as NFTs, since we don't want people to be taking their mixed potions and selling them on 3rd party NFT marketplaces and undercutting the platform. Basically, we may only allow a specific number of mixed potions of a given type to ever be created, and after this point enable transferability once all potions of a given type have been minted. This would be a plus for the protocol since people wouldn't be undercutting us and it would also provide an element of scarcity to the potions. Treasury Management
For treasury management, we'll be consulting with experts knowledgable in the space as well as relying on community governance to allocate funds towards specific investments to be made. Other Sustainability Measures
In addition to the various transaction taxes and fees, we'll also be incorporating several anti bot measures at launch, including a buy limit, blacklisting addresses that buy within the first few blocks on liquidity, as well a high sales tax on launch day. Likewise, when we transition into phase 2 and begin distributing rewards for mixed potions based on the actual assets inside the pools on top of SPELL , this will significantly reduce sell pressure on the native token.